The economic downturn prompted by COVID-19 over the past few years delivered challenges to many customers. Resulting financial hardships often necessitate banking and loan servicing teams to work with their customers to navigate through difficult times. These types of circumstances have placed a focus on the effectiveness of how to communicate with customers who are navigating financial strains. Effective communications with customers not only help solidify customer loyalty but also help institutions mitigate potential financial losses.

Existing technologies and systems can make it challenging to provide the proactive, personalized, empathetic service customers facing hardships need.  In this webinar, attendees will discover there is a better way. They will hear how:

  • How to think about empathy in the context of customer communications
  • How banks are evolving communications strategy to shift toward digital-first engagement
  • How existing technologies and systems make it difficult for banks to provide proactive, personalized, and empathetic service customers facing financial hardship need
  • How one person’s career journey in finance, amid a pandemic, lead to the creation of a financial institution’s customer-focused communication initiative
  • Why technology is instrumental to deliver personalized and valuable customer communication today and into the future