Fintech disruption in the banking industry

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There are as many schools of thought on how to disrupt the banking space as there are disruptors.

Some fintechs may want to test the market's appetite for crypto offerings — an arena where incumbent banks may be slower to adapt.

At least one challenger is saying banks are falling short in their attempt to wean themselves off a long-held and much-maligned revenue generator, the overdraft fee.

Elsewhere, a traditional banking group is backing off of one fintech's plans for disruption. The Conference of State Bank Supervisors in January withdrew its lawsuit against the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency after the fintech Figure updated its banking charter application to include the intention to obtain deposit insurance. 

But not every attempt to disrupt banking successful. German challenger N26, for example, shuttered its U.S. operations after 2½ years trying to penetrate the market.

Others, like BM Technologies or Oportun, may find they prefer to merge their way into the banking sphere.

Banking Dive has published a number of pieces that lay out some of the challenges, successes and stumbles disruptors encounter.  

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Fintech disruption in the banking industry

Disruption in the banking sphere is coming from more directions than ever in 2021. One of the six largest banks in the U.S. lost two executives to a major retailer's fintech spinoff that hasn't even launched. In this trendline, dive into the latest wave of fintechs that are disrupting the banking industry.

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