EasySend accelerates SBA PPP loan applications with digital journeys

April 30, 2020

As the second round of the Payroll Protection Program resumed, the SBA says it had processed more than 100,000 loans from over 4,000 lenders. The nearly half-trillion-dollar measure is providing more funds to the Paycheck Protection Program, which was halted last week after it ran out of money. 

Banks with efficient processes get their applications through the portal quickly

Banks must refine their processes to get customer applications through the E-Tran portal quicker. Fully automated application processes will speed up turnaround times to net more approvals resulting in more funds made available to customers.

Due to extremely high application volume for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, lenders and banks must make sure that the process is efficient and user-friendly from start to finish, and ensures that all the data submitted is correct and errors are minimized in order to ensure acceptance rates. 

EasySend is a secure and compliant no-code platform for the development of customer journeys in the banking and insurance sectors. Banks and insurers are enabled to quickly deploy secure, compliant, user-friendly processes that ensure data integrity and quick turnaround times. 

With EasySend, banks can launch fully-branded and white-labeled SBA PPP processes that are user friendly, secure, and compliant, including:

-Remote assistance

-Multi-language capability

-Multi-signee and multi-role workflows

-Supplemental document upload

-Legally binding eSignature

-Enterprise-grade security and compliance standard

About EasySend: EasySend has developed a no-code, SaaS platform to empower citizen developers and enterprise IT teams to convert paper, PDFs, and manual processes into smart, fully-branded digital journeys in a matter of hours. With EasySend, banks and financial institutions can launch secure, enterprise-grade digital products quickly and efficiently, improve customer experience, cut operational costs, and drive revenue growth with advanced optimization capabilities.