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    Courtesy of U.S. Bank

    U.S. Bank builds out its real-time payments capabilities for auto dealers

    The Minneapolis lender is issuing instant loan funds using the RTP Network — a move that follows U.S. Bank’s partnership with Lithia Motors to provide instant payments for car sellers using the same network.

    By Tatiana Walk-Morris • Aug. 12, 2022
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    Green Dot

    Green Dot is locked in Uber contract dispute, loses other clients

    “I don't want to be out there opening up our [bank] charter for every Joe fintech that wants to do something in payments,” Green Dot CEO Dan Henry said last week on a call with analysts.

    By Lynne Marek • Aug. 11, 2022
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    Fraud and AML in banking

    ESG is the latest silo to face fraud-related scrutiny from regulators. Meanwhile, the SEC is staffing up its cyber unit to fight a potential uptick in crypto fraud.

    By Banking Dive staff
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    Chris Hondros via Getty Images

    Goldman, Citi, Jefferies reveal ‘August surprises’ to stave off September ones

    Warnings of a CFPB probe into Goldman's credit-card business, Citi's rising Russia exposure and Jefferies' $80 million WhatsApp set-aside give investors time to settle in to bad news.

    By Aug. 5, 2022
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    Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

    How Credit Suisse is bucking a trend in incentives

    The Swiss lender paid out $302 million in July alone to retain its top bankers. That stands in contrast to a Johnson Associates prediction that some investment bankers could see a 45% in bonuses from last year.

    By Aug. 4, 2022
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    Courtesy of USAA

    USAA sues Truist in patent case over mobile deposit tech

    The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has awarded USAA three nine-figure judgments since 2019 (against Wells Fargo and PNC) in patent cases.

    By Aug. 4, 2022
  • Modern Treasury CEO Dimitri Dadiomov
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    Permission granted by Terry Banks

    Banks and fintechs don't need to fight

    Customers win when banks’ strengths — customer relations, scale, profitability and brand — are paired with best-in-class cloud-based software to complement existing systems, writes Modern Treasury CEO Dimitri Dadiomov.

    By Dimitri Dadiomov • July 19, 2022
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    abdoudz via Getty Images
    Deep Dive

    FedNow chases real-time payments front-runners

    The Federal Reserve plans to unleash a U.S. real-time payments system next year in the form of FedNow, but it’s an open question as to whether, or how, consumers and businesses will adopt instant payments.

    By Lynne Marek • July 18, 2022
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    Chris Hondros via Getty Images

    Banks aren’t doing enough to address Zelle fraud, senators say

    Months after writing the CEO of Zelle’s parent company, Sens. Bob Menendez and Elizabeth Warren — with six other lawmakers signing on — are seeking information from seven banks with ownership stakes in the platform.

    By July 8, 2022
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    Viorika via Getty Images

    Payactiv jettisons some fees in wake of CFPB move

    The earned wage access provider said it was eliminating some fees just as the bureau decided to remove a prior order giving the company leeway under certain laws.

    By Jonathan Berr • July 5, 2022
  • The exterior of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau building
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    The image by Ted Eytan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

    CFPB terminates Payactiv's sandbox protection

    The earned wage access provider told the CFPB last week it wanted to make changes to its fee model without review by the bureau. The bureau, in turn, expressed concern over potentially misleading public statements by Payactiv.

    By July 1, 2022
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    The image by Ted Eytan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

    CFPB strikes at debt collector fees

    The collectors may refer to the fees as “convenience fees,” but the agency called them “pay-to-pay” fees and said they are prohibited under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    By Jonathan Berr • June 30, 2022
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    Chainarong Prasertthai via Getty Images

    Fintech Amount cuts about 18% of workforce

    The Chicago-based banking technology provider, valued at $1 billion last year, said this week it had pared 108 workers in what the company called “proactive adjustments.”

    By Caitlin Mullen • June 28, 2022
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    Steve Jennings via Getty Images

    Brex's move has fellow fintechs ready to pounce

    Brex’s cutting of small-business customers — the handling of which prompted a mea culpa from the co-founder — may provide opportunity for B2B fintechs like Ramp or Divvy. But big banks still dominate the space.

    By Caitlin Mullen • June 27, 2022
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    Green Dot

    Green Dot pays Republic Bank $13M to settle suit over failed acquisition

    The payout comes atop a $5 million termination fee Republic received in January after Green Dot pulled out of a proposed $165 million purchase of the bank's tax refund processing unit.

    By June 8, 2022
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    Justin Sullivan / Staff via Getty Images

    Lawsuits over Zelle pile up

    Bank of America and Wells Fargo have both been sued recently by consumers who allege they were defrauded by scam artists using Zelle payments.

    By Lynne Marek • June 6, 2022
  • Making a card payment
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    PeopleImages via Getty Images

    NMI aims to equip banks with modern payments tech

    The payments gateway is focused on attracting mid-market banks that "want to have the ability to have a modern tech stack, but don’t have the means to develop it," CEO Vijay Sondhi said.

    By Caitlin Mullen • June 1, 2022
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    FG Trade via Getty Images

    AmEx, Discover get top marks in direct banks survey

    The No. 3 and No. 4 card companies, which also hold bank licenses, scored highly in customer satisfaction among online-only banks, J.D. Power found.

    By Caitlin Mullen • May 16, 2022
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Cannabis payments companies focus on compliance, creativity

    Federal restrictions have kept many banks and payments companies on the sidelines regarding cannabis. That has given the ACH network a foothold to facilitate payments in states where pot is legal.

    By Caitlin Mullen • May 9, 2022
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    AmEx CEO snags $28.5M total compensation

    While the 2021 target for Stephen Squeri's long-term incentive awards was $14.5 million, the actual amount was $19 million.

    By Caitlin Mullen • May 3, 2022
  • First Internet Bank headquarters
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    Permission granted by First Internet Bank

    First Century Bank scraps First Internet deal

    The Federal Reserve signed off on the combination April 29, but the banks couldn't close the tie-up by an April 30 deadline because of statutory waiting periods, and could not agree on extension terms, First Internet said.

    By May 2, 2022
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    MStudioImages via Getty Images
    Sponsored by Finastra

    From Uber to Grubhub, embedded finance is an everyday reality for consumers

    From buying delivery through Grubhub to requesting a ride from Uber, what exactly is embedded finance and how can banks participate in this evolution?

    By Angus Ross • April 25, 2022
  • The exterior of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau building
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    The image by Ted Eytan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

    CFPB, New York AG sue MoneyGram

    Thursday's lawsuit accuses the remittance giant of repeatedly giving senders inaccurate information about when their transfers would be available to recipients abroad. MoneyGram denounced the suit as "frivolous."

    By Jonathan Berr • April 22, 2022
  • Robinhood's acquisition of crypto firm puts UK, Europe in its sights

    The purchase of Ziglu, which is in the good graces of the Financial Conduct Authority, marks the second attempt by the stock-trading app to broach the U.K. market. Terms of the deal were not disclosed Tuesday.

    By April 19, 2022
  • American Express logo on window
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    AmEx takes on banks in bid for new generation of clients

    With the launch of its new checking service, the payment network aims to expand its relationship with cardholders — and not miss out on attracting consumers drawn to debit cards.

    By Caitlin Mullen • April 13, 2022
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    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

    CBDC will take years, not months, to develop, Yellen says

    Transactions need to be faster but responsible, and regulation should be "tech-neutral," the treasury secretary said in her first remarks on digital assets since a March executive order.

    By April 8, 2022