ITI Capital launches advisory platform ITI Investments to help clients identify investment opportunity during Covid-19

Posted Jul 15, 2020

ITI Capital, the global financial services provider for institutional investors and private clients, today announces the launch of a new discretionary and advisory service, named ‘ITI Investments’, which is expected to go live at the end of July 2020.

The new offering gives users instant access to a bespoke robo-advisory service, which uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and financial technology to advise clients on investable assets and unique trading opportunities. The platform will also include a discretionary service, allowing ITI portfolio management professionals to make evaluated decisions on behalf of clients, if prompted.

With ITI Investments, users will be able to reach out to professional advisers at any time via a video conferencing call system, ITI’s advisers will then be able to offer tailored advice and trade ideas to the client. Users will also have direct access to smart model portfolios via a single digital platform.

Trading and investment has been hugely impacted by the current global pandemic, and ITI Capital has committed to improving their trading and advice services during this time. With ITI Investments, clients are offered a scalable and reliable platform, which simultaneously offers access to global markets as well as insight into a range of trading strategies, and up-to-date market valuations and investment services.

Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director at ITI Capital said, “Despite the societal and economic devastation caused by Covid-19, there will inevitably be some positive opportunity birthed from this global pandemic. Proactive investors looking to expand their portfolio during this uncertain time should look no further than seeking professional advice in order to guide them through market turbulence and advise them on undervalued assets.”

Oleg Jelezko, Chairman, ITI Capital added, “We are thrilled to introduce this new development in ITI Capital’s offering, which will propel our services and draw new customers, allowing us to maintain and expand our position as a leading digital trade and wealth management platform. With our new services, we will be able to guide, aid and encourage investors to manage and expand their portfolio with more accuracy, availability and insight than ever before, all with the help of our scalable advisory and discretionary services.”