Banking and Finance Companies Face Rising Demand For Digital Document Creation

Posted Jul 21, 2020

The BPI Network Launches New Survey on Managing and Supporting PDF Power Users While Corralling Software Licensing Costs


SAN JOSE, Calif. (July 15, 2020) — It’s all-digital all the time, and this means everyone needs to be a digital content creator, especially in document-heavy banking and finance industries. Employees need to be able to whip up, edit and share PDFs easily and quickly. Printed paper has no place anymore.

Yet only a small percentage of banking and finance employees are PDF power users today. Hard-to-manage software licensing costs and a steep user learning curve keep many at bay. Free versions only lead to frustration.

The BPI Network has teamed with Foxit and Banking Dive to conduct a survey on banking and finance companies going paperless, empowering employees, and saving money in the process. The goal is to identify ways to better support power PDF users.

“Banking and finance professionals need to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers in a digital way,” notes Donovan Neale-May, executive director of The BPI Network. “They need the ability to create and work with documents easily. It’s an important piece in a financial company’s digital transformation.”

The survey seeks insights into important PDF features, such as electronic signature, scanning pictures and cross-platform capabilities. It will shed light on PDF problems, such as proprietary lock-in, managing licenses and usage, training and troubleshooting. 

Some of the survey’s questions:

  Has shelter-in-place customers increased your use of and reliance on PDFs?

  How many different PDF solutions are being used across the company?

  How often do you run into PDF problems?

As PDFs become more important in banking and finance, software licensing costs can spiral out of control. Yet, corralling costs is absolutely paramount in times of dwindling sales and shrinking budgets. The survey will look at how companies are managing PDF costs.

Banking and finance executives can take the short survey and be one of the first to receive a complimentary report. 

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